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Flava & Stevenson entered the Swiss Album Charts at number 9 with their latest album "Order x Chaos." Over the past two years, the Swiss duo has celebrated numerous successes, including platinum certification for their single "Good Time," three top 10 singles, three charting albums, and a nomination for the Swiss Music Awards.

Flava, also known as Yves von Wartburg, and Stevenson, aka Brian Abeywickreme, discovered their passion for music at a young age. Together, they sang, played instruments, and recorded their initial productions. It quickly became apparent that the duo formed an incredibly explosive combination.

Flava & Stevenson's DJ sets have the power to captivate audiences in various settings, whether it be in a club or at a festival. As soon as the two passionate DJs kick off their performance, people are swept away by their consistently great party vibes. Their unparalleled style has earned Flava & Stevenson gigs at the most prestigious clubs and major festivals worldwide.

Touring across the globe, Flava & Stevenson operate at the top tier, producing tracks and remixes for themselves and other artists. They have collaborated with the likes of DJ Antoine, Mike Candys, Sido, Loona, Haddaway, Luca Hänni, Sir Colin, Jesse Ritch, and many more.

As brilliant music producers and incredible show performers, Flava & Stevenson are indispensable trendsetters in the dance and party scene. Flava & Stevenson embody PURE PASSION!

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